Cheerleader – Omi ft.Kid Ink / Yoojung Lee Choreography

Yoojung Lee teaches choreography to Cheerleader by Omi (feat.Kid Ink)

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34 Commentsto Cheerleader – Omi ft.Kid Ink / Yoojung Lee Choreography

Cheerleader – Omi ft.Kid Ink / Yoojung Lee Choreography
  1. Lucky MillionMiles says:

    Oh I think that I found myself a cheerleader
    She is always right there when I need her

  2. Youngsun Jeon says:

    그냥 춤 보고 멋있다 하면 되지 외국인들 노래가지고 ㅈㄹ 그냥 닥치고 춤이나 봐
    You guys shut up and just watch the dancing. Stop saying bullshit about the song.

  3. Cami Rou says:

    I love Yoojung She is so sweet!

  4. Danni Fan says:

    This is amazing, can they make a tutorial?

  5. Miss f says:

    i see some of after school – because of you in this chereo :-)

  6. Noemi Eu says:

    it would be amazing to have a tutorial for beginners :)

  7. Hannah Alynna says:

    Is may j lee and yoojung Lee sisters?

  8. mntdz says:

    Do Young wild and free dance

  9. lando lando says:

    I wish I could take dance classes there

  10. Ay Nodame says:

    I wanna dance like this xD

  11. lusisa96 says:

    I want yoojung lee as instructor when i'll start dancing at 1M. Her choreographys are easier but really cool :D

  12. Isa De Leon says:

    Confident by Demi Lovato!!!!

  13. Nancy Chen says:

    Yellow shirt girl

  14. ana fluffy says:


  15. mary valdehueza says:

    too gooood

  16. jasson cruz says:


  17. Wild Child says:

    can you do a slow tutorial for this? hahahahaha

  18. Jaypee Legaspi says:

    Tutorial dude pls

  19. Christopher Moreno says:

    Boss Raymund pwede po ba mag tutorial? pls pls pls

  20. Kojima Loyola says:

    Paano mag download ng music??

  21. Kyla Enricuso says:

    kuya ang galing!!!meron po bang tutorial???

  22. Masayu Nur Masagus says:

    4 jempol ama kaki gw dahh

  23. ともぴーなっつ says:


  24. SparklingYellow says:


  25. Brian Choo says:

    Beautiful. :)

  26. Gerry Pranata says:

    Appreciated for your video..

  27. R3D TUTORIAIS says:

    queria muinto aprender

  28. R3D TUTORIAIS says:


  29. Péter Mándoki says:

    galing galing naman

  30. Kobe Cabrera says:


  31. Yahir Samches says:


  32. mitch ijjeoma says:

    Tutorial pleaseeee :-(

  33. Fachri Naya says:

    this is great man! i really enjoy this one man

  34. Ramil Ambo says:

    tutorial pls

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