Utech Cheerleading

Amazing Cheerleaders doing amazing things with their body.
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16 Commentsto Utech Cheerleading

Utech Cheerleading
  1. Lexi ann says:

    i think this is nice

  2. Quanesha Gardner says:

    They need to work more on timing and their flyers

  3. battas says:

    In addition, Utech is not a real university.

  4. Kelesha Joseph says:

    is this in trinidad

  5. Joanna Moss says:

    It WASN'T that bad

  6. Rick South says:

    mi wanda a who traIN DEM ITS AWFUL

  7. Kady Smellie says:

    Need more training…especially di brown one

  8. sidonie williams says:

    them  bad number 1111

  9. Bdot Ebony says:

    They suck 

  10. lisa fedef says:

    "Tricks" fuck you

  11. Joanna says:

    the 51 dislikes is the people who can't even do a cartwheels or handstands

  12. KronicLeafTop says:

    pretty neat but the song was gay as fuck.

  13. Matty Matt Matt says:

    Being a big cheerleader is like being a big Jockey, not good if you're the one underneath them.

  14. hersheystaste4life says:

    All that work and nothing to show for it.

  15. Jason W says:

    When that guy at almost the end of the video picked the girl up from the ground all the way above his head with 1 hand, that was probably the most impressive thing I saw. That almost looked unrealistic lol

  16. Brunbergo says:

    Nice variation lel

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