5 Year Old Darby Does Amazing Cheerleading Stunts (Full Audition)

5 year old Darby does some amazing cheerleading stunts some cheerleaders could never do

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Crazy Cheerleading Stunts (WK 139.4) | Bratayley

Oh, BTW Annie got an Instagram finally. So if you are already following someone claiming to be her you are following a FAKE! Her one and only account is now http://instagram.com/presshandstands (@presshandstands) This account, as well as all others, are maintained by us, the parents!

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24 Commentsto 5 Year Old Darby Does Amazing Cheerleading Stunts (Full Audition)

5 Year Old Darby Does Amazing Cheerleading Stunts (Full Audition)
  1. Tara Hesser says:

    this is my favorite video

  2. niko moore says:

    that so cute whats the song called

  3. Henry Reyes says:

    you are amazing Darby

  4. Casslee Bopia says:

    Omg she is as good as me and I am seven years older than her and I do stunts with a whole group

  5. Jakya Duncan says:

    So adorable

  6. Timmy Mallick says:

    O I'm bad at nailing

  7. Timmy Mallick says:

    That's my friend!$

  8. Ryanna James says:

    She is AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Kasey Clarke says:


  10. NL Lonnberg says:

    Amazing I can do that

  11. Rapheal Smith says:

    you got skills

  12. Brianna Barbarite says:

    I do cheer and gymnastics

  13. Ari Shell says:

    Hi love cheer!

  14. trent buxman says:

    Handstands are not stunts

  15. Samiah Harris says:

    I can do that to

  16. Morgan Moir says:

    At 09:36 who else can do that besides me and her

  17. Gabby the Gymnast says:

    say iPhone 5 times and repost this on another video and look under you pillow

  18. Lauren Taylor says:

    Where was Caleb??

  19. Hailey Roberts says:

    Hi my name is Hailey I love your shoes

  20. Jacqueline Perez says:

    yes you ded

  21. Fae Owen says:

    I watched this earlier this year when I was checking out you guys' older videos I cried as I was watching the stunts they were doing

  22. Talyea Simmons says:

    Haley is so cute PS I love the gymnastics Mackenzie

  23. miley jordan says:

    I am a cheerleader and have been for 9 years and I'm 11. I have only been a flyer and it's not even scary

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